'Consciousness is a space, a field. It has no borders, it is unlimited. Like a wave in water, sound in air or light in the electromagnetic field, self-consciousness travels through this field. I'm not talking about thoughts or ideas that we use to interact with each other. A deeper level of self-awareness. The basic operating system of individual identity. In future times we will be able to communicate directly at this level, which means the end of individuality, morality and human as we know it.'

'Why do people behave the way they do? What drives humanity, both on an individual and collective level? I see many people longing for control and been confronted with fear when control slips away. They want to make themself, as if they are a project; rejecting the idea that there are some things within the individual psyche that are fundamentally beyond individual control. We live in times of über-individualism which is soon to collapse.'

In his recent work (late 2021 and 2022) Frederik strives to create an 'ideal language', where he visualizes concepts like consciousness, identity, personality and contemporary emotions in universal symbols. 


Frederik (Wilrijk, 1976) lives and works in Antwerp.