A Civilized Punk

In the beginning there is always haste.

That was what he was told.

Raised by the fields.

Thinking is good.

Liberation is easy.

I get bored, I do get bored.


Frederik (Wilrijk, 1976) is a late bloomer. A drive and urge to create was always slumbering, but only at the age of 40, after an intense 'internal dialogue', he was liberated to visualize his own mindscapes. He stopped with his regular job to focus full time on his visual art. (Frederik worked as a prosecutor for Belgian Customs.)

After previous experimenting with cinema, music and photography he went for paint as medium of choice. Completely self thaught, he rejects conventions or a division of disciplines. His work - often driven by music - breathes confusion, distortion, disorder. 

The main topic of interest is the question: 'Why do people behave the way they do?' What drives humanity, both on an individual and collective level? 'I see many people longing for control and been confronted with fear when control slips away. They want to make themself, as if they are a project; rejecting the idea that there are some things within the individual psyche that are fundamentally beyond human control.'


Frederik was granted the title of Knight on behalf of Filip, King of Belgium.


Frederik lives and works in Antwerp.